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Merchants: how captivating are your email subject lines

28 May

All Merchants;

How frequently do you update your email campaigns?

Great article:    The Secret to Email Subject Lines for 2015


Email is still an extremely powerful, cost-effective, marketing tool, for all business…

“Make it a great shopping experience, every time…”

William Trainer

Integrated Payments Software


Merchants – how are you using mobile for your in-store experience?

29 Mar

All Merchants,,

Your mobile strategy is critical to your survival over the next 5+ years…

– are you using mobile, social marketing to attract customers to your business/store?

Good article;    Retailers should focus on mobile-in-store experience, to ingratiate consumers


” Make it a Great shopping experience, every time… ”

William Trainer –  ecommerce / mobile software solutions specialist

Merchants – How much did your eCommerce retail sales increase in 2013?

19 Feb

All Merchants,

Did you know that eCommerce retail sales have increased by double-digits for last 8 years in a row?

– How much did your ecommerce sales increase in 2013?


Good article;   e-Retail rolls in 2013



” Make it a great shopping experience, everytime… “


William Trainer

eCommerce . Mobile Payment Solutions Specialist

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NEW:     Retail POS – iPad and iPad mini solution demo


Here’s the 1stPayPOS Demo Account Credentials. 

After you download the 1stPayPOS app from the Apple App Store to your iPad or iPad Mini, enter the following:

Transaction Center ID:   64344

Username:   1stpaypos

Mobile Pin:   1111


If you want to access the Online Portal from a PC or Laptop, you would go here and enter the credentials below:


Transaction Center ID:  64344

Username:  1stpaypos

Password:  1stpaypos!



Merchants – how did your stats measure up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

10 Dec

All Merchants;

2013 proved to be another stellar year for ecommerce merchnats…
– out pacing brick and mortar stores for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Good article: Strong eCommerce sales results Black Friday and Cyber Monday

” Make it a great shopping experience, everytime… ”

William Trainer
eCommerce/Mobile payment solutions specialist
wtrainer@1stpaygateway.net / for your Free payment solutions demos