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Merchants – how does your Domain impact SEO?

3 Dec

All Merchants;

Cheers!!! Happy Prosperous Holiday Shopping Season to you all!!!!

How does your website touch the world?
– How does it connect to folks?

Good article: 5 ways Domains Impact SEO

” Make it a great shopping experience, every time… ”

Happy Selling,
William Trainer
ecommerce / Mobile Payments Specialist


Merchants – what is your Holiday social media marketing plan?

22 Oct

All Merchants;

It’s that time of year again…
Yes, the shopping season of all shopping seasons… The Holidays…

How are you going to reach your loyal and new customer base?
– Social Media Marketing – Targeted, Quick, Cost-Effective

Good article: 10 tips for using Social Media in Holiday Ecommerce Marketing

” Make it a great shopping experience, every time…”

William Trainer
ecommerce / Mobile / Security / Payment Software Specialist

“Stay Compliant”

Merchants – want to know how to improve your ecommerce business?

24 Sep

All merchants,

Surely you have a website business presence, by now…
– are you capitalizing on all the ecommerce automation and marketing efficiencies?

Good article; 7 little things to improve an ecommerce business

” Make it a Great shopping experience, every time… ”

William Trainer
ecommerce.Mobile software payments specialist

Merchants – Are/Will you be ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

15 Sep

All Merchants,

Yes, now is the time to prepare for your year-end retail sales events, Black Friday and Cyber Monday…
– Careful thought and preparations are necessary to succeed for this very short, very busy retail sales season…

Good article: 5 ways to increase Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales in 2014

” Make it a Great shopping experience, every time… ”

William Trainer
eCommerce.Mobile software solutions specialist

Merchants – Why/How does Marketing work?

11 Sep

All Merchants,

There has never been a better time to readily, and accurately collect data on your customers, and predict their behavior…
– what metrics are you tracking for your business?

Good article; Marketings 2-Most Important tasks

” Make it a great shopping experience, every time… ”

William Trainer
ecommerce.Mobile payment software specialist

New POS solution

Merchants – Summer is over, are you ready for the Holidays?

4 Sep

All Merchants;

What are your marketing plans for the Holidays?
– How will you tweak your marketing?

Good article; 2014 Holiday ecommerce Marketing Checklist

” Make it a great shopping experience, every time… ”

William Trainer
ecommerce-Mobile-Payment Software Specialist
Secure, PCI compliant, software development

Merchants – what is Deep Linking?

1 Aug

All Merchants,

What if I told you, if you were to market a certain way, your co.’s sales could increase 40% immediately?

Would you give it a try?

Good article: what is, and how to set up Deep-Linking

Customers are already mobile, shouldn’t your businesses maketing join them?

“Make it a Great shopping experience, everytime…”

William Trainer
eCommerce.Mobile.Marketing.Branding Payments Specialist